Sergio Agüero  match worn Puma ONE 5.1 SG-Pro

Sergio Agüero match worn Puma ONE 5.1 SG-Pro

Sergio Agüero's  match worn Puma ONE 5.1 SG-Pro

Player name: Sergio Leonel Agüero  del Castillo

Country: Argentina

Clubs: Independiente, Atletico Madrid, Manchester City

DOB: 02/06/1988

Position: Striker

Height: 5 ft 8 in

Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo, colloquially known as Kun Agüero, is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a striker for the English Premier League club Manchester City and the Argentine national team. He is widely considered one of the best players of his generation and one of the best centre-forwards in Premier League history.
Agüero began his career at the Argentine Independiente. On 5 July 2003, he became the youngest player to play in the Argentine Primera División on his debut at 15 years and 35 days, breaking the record previously established by Diego Maradona in 1976. In 2006, he moved to Europe to play for Spain's La Liga side Atlético Madrid, for a transfer fee of €23 million. There he made a name for himself, attracting attention from Europe's top clubs by scoring 101 goals in 234 appearances while winning the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup in 2010.
Agüero moved to Premier League club Manchester City in July 2011 for an undisclosed fee thought to be in the region of £35 million. On the last day of his debut season with the club, he scored a 94th-minute winner against Queens Park Rangers that earned City its first league title in 44 years. At the end of the 2015–16 season, of players who had played at least two seasons in the Premier League, Agüero had the highest goals per minute ratio in the history of the competition since its formation in 1992, averaging a goal every 106 minutes, ahead of Thierry Henry. He also holds the joint-record for the most goals scored in a single Premier League match – five – and the fastest to do so, in 23 minutes and 34 seconds of match time. In November 2017, Agüero became Manchester City's all-time highest goal-scorer, scoring his 178th City goal against Napoli.
We've got our hands on a pair of Kun Agüero's match worn Puma ONE 5.1 boots which have been match worn during the 2019-20 season whilst playing for Premier League champions Manchester City. Heavily customised and practically incomparable to the retail version of these sold in stores. 
The size tags of his boots feature "Athlete Exclusive" labelling which of course means they aren't for general commercial sale. Puma have in recent times always made their player issue boots in Vietnam, even from way back when the V series was around a decade ago. Until around 2018, the size labels of Puma's player issue boots featured "Sample", along with the factory number. They have since changed to adding "Athlete Exclusive" instead.
Sergio's pair feature mock external heel counters. They are in actual fact internal heel counters just with a piece of material stitched on the outside so it disguises the modification for TV cameras. As the boots are made to his exact specifications, the heel areas of this pair are extremely wide - it appears he has a very unique foot shape! Here we can also see the personalisation of the Argentina flag along with his squad number, 10. The outer part of each boot has also been personalised with the name of his son, Benji.
Above we can see a side by side comparison of the heel area of both Sergio Agüero's and David SIlva Puma ONE 5.1 boots. SIlva has opted for the retail version soleplate with external heel counter and ankle collar. This shows clever disguising by Puma, as at first glance there is no difference in the heel counters at all.
At the international level, Agüero represented the Argentina under-20 team at the FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2005 and in 2007, winning both tournaments. He played at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, scoring two goals in the 3–0 semi-final win against Brazil as Argentina went on to win the gold medal. Agüero was selected to represent the senior team in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the 2011 Copa América, the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the 2015 Copa América, and the Copa América Centenario, reaching the finals of the latter three tournaments. He also participated in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, where he scored his first and second World Cup goals for Argentina, and the 2019 Copa América, where he won a bronze medal.
Aguero has modified the soleplate of his Puma ONE 5.1 with the EvoTouch SG-Pro variation, which Puma have attempted to disguise by using the colourway of the "Rush Pack". This soleplate has proven to be a highly popular with Puma's elite pros, this is likely to be due to the simple stud layout along with the wishbone style support running through the middle of the plate from front to back.
The EvoTouch branding was applied to the middle of the sole when it was released, however with it being applied to Agüero's ONE 5.1, Puma have just left it blank.
Above we can see a side by side comparison of the SG-Pro soleplates of the EvoTouch and the retail version ONE 5.1.
Although Puma used the correct colours for Aguero's modified soleplate in an attempt to cover up the modification, they haven't done a particularly great job when you see pictures of the 2 next to eachother as above. 
With Aguero being one of if not the biggest athlete of Puma Football , his boots are of course made extremely precisely. The toe box areas are almost completely flat, with the forefoot areas being made considerably wider than retail versions. 
The upper material of Aguero's boots has also been modified from the standard retail version, with it being much thinner and softer which will in return offer greater ball feel, however with reduced protection. There has also been a layer of a very grippy like material fused on top which may be to add ball control in wet conditions. 
A thin piece of protective plastic has also been applied around the edge of the forefoot, likely to aid with durability issues. We have also seen this sort of addition on the boots of Gareth Bale and David Silva.
Sergio Agüero  is widely regarded as one of the greatest strikers in world football, his goal scoring record has the figures to back this up too with a total of 376 goals in 651 club games throughout his career, and counting. Agüero is currently the 4th highest goalscorer in Premier League history, and the highest non-English scorer in the history of the competition, with 180 goals in the division. He also holds the record for most hat-tricks in the Premier League, with 12.
Inside Agüero's boots there's even more modifications. Running the full length and width of each boot, underneath where the insole goes, is an additional lining of cushioning. Many players seem to opt for this sort of customisation, one of the main reasons is seemingly to reduce stud pressure. The modern light weight soleplates can be often flimsy and not offer much shock absorption.
With this model of the Puma ONE 5.1 featuring the one piece style upper, they also have the knitted ankle collar. Sergio has had this area made extremely wider and taller than usual, as they are made to his specifications, this is perhaps to compensate for his large heel/ankle areas. He is a player known for his low centre of gravity and powerful legs, especially the calf area, so it is likely the regular fit would not be suitable for Agüero.
Above we can see a comparison of regular insoles (left) and Sergio's insoles (right). Both are a UK size 8. Agüero's pair are extremely wide with additional support in certain areas, with them also being a lot thicker. Nike and Adidas also make their top players' insoles to their individual specifications. 
Above we can see the slightly odd looking shape of each boot, with the extremely high, tall and wide heel areas along with the low toe boxes. The soleplate seems to curve, with it rising up at the front of each boot.
A stunning pair worn by one of world football's greatest strikers!
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