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Jens Lehmann Match Issued Nike Vapor Grip 3 SMU Goalkeeper Gloves

Jens Lehmann Match Issued Nike Vapor Grip 3 SMU Goalkeeper Gloves

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- Item: Nike Vapor Grip 3 SMU Goalkeeper Gloves

- Player: Jens Lehmann

- Condition: Match issued 

- Season: 2005-06

- Size: 11.5

- Made in: China

- Player features:

  • Ultra rare Nike Vapor Grip 3 SMU goalkeeper gloves match issued to the German legend Jens Lehmann
  • Match issued to the player during the 2005-06 Premiership & UEFA Champions League season whilst playing for Arsenal, and for the German national team 
  • This pair are a completely custom bespoke one-off production just for the player 
  • No Nike branding is visible whatsoever, this is due to contractual arguments at the time over the players’ sponsorship 
  • Adidas were unhappy Lehmann was wearing Nike especially whilst playing for the German national team with Adidas being their sponsor, they threatened him to be dropped from the national side if he continued to wear Nike
  • Nike produced this pair with no branding on, not even a small Swoosh, so that Lehmann would continue to wear their sportswear and not move to Adidas 
  • The retail version features stitching on the top part of the gloves, Lehmann’s pair is completely custom and features a print which mimics the stitching of the shop model
  • Each strap is personalised with his name “Jens Lehmann”
  • ”Sample, not for sale” internal labels feature, meaning this pair were not produced for sale on the retail market 
  • Lehmann featured in every single match for Arsenal during their famous invincibles season 
  • An incredible piece of memorabilia from one of the goalkeeping greats
  • Authenticity fully guaranteed with the BCBootsUK COA
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