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Não somos uma loja regular de chuteiras de futebol. Somos especializados em botas que foram especialmente feitas e usadas pelos jogadores profissionais de elite do mundo - estas botas únicas são impossíveis de encontrar numa loja de botas normal!

Com cada item aqui, há uma série de diferenças que os diferenciam das versões que são vendidas comercialmente em lojas de varejo, o que os torna verdadeiramente únicos e peças extremamente únicas de memorabilia futebolística.

O que vemos a publicidade dos principais profissionais nem sempre é o que eles estão realmente vestindo em campo. Um grande número da elite mundial tem suas chuteiras feitas sob medida para suas especificações exatas, nosso objetivo é dar uma visão de perto da realidade do que os melhores jogadores realmente vestem quando competem nas melhores ligas / competições do futebol mundial, e a oportunidade de possuir um par para si mesmo.

Tendo muitos contatos diferentes em todo o mundo, somos capazes de colocar as mãos em algumas das chuteiras mais raras e simplesmente invisíveis - o que nos torna uma loja única de memorabilia de futebol. Cada par que recebemos é único, então, infelizmente, uma vez que eles se foram... Eles foram-se embora!

Além das chuteiras, também podemos adquirir kits de jogo e treinamento dos melhores jogadores do mundo.

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About us & our brand...

We are not a regular football boot store. We specialise in boots that have been specially made for, and worn by, the world’s elite professional players - these unique boots are impossible to find in a regular retail store! With every piece seen here, there are a number of differences which set them apart from versions that are sold commercially in retail stores, which makes them truly unique and extremely one-off pieces of footballing memorabilia.

What we see the top level professional players indorsing & advertising is not always what they are actually wearing on the pitch. A vast number of the world's elite get their boots bespoke made to measure to their exact specifications, our goal is to give an closeup insight into the reality of what the best players really wear when they compete in the best leagues & competitions in world football, and the opportunity to own a pair for yourself.

Having a large network of different contacts all over the world within the football industry, we are able to get our hands on some of the rarest and simply unseen before boots - which makes us a truly unique football memorabilia store. Every pair we get are a one-off, so unfortunately once they're gone... They're gone!

Not only as a company, but as football fanatics ourselves, we go above & beyond to ensure all our items that we advertise are 100% authentic, we have an extremely high standard when vigorously checking our items to deliver the best experience possible for our collector clientele.

We don’t stop there - we teach you too…

We are extremely grateful to have a large following across social media in which we aim to bring our followers close up insights into the special, one-off pieces of memorabilia we get into stock here at BC Boots UK.

Instagram is our main hub in terms of social media, and it's where our brand began. On this platform we deliver content showing photomatches of match worn boots, close up insights into the unique customisations on some pairs, as well as unboxings, sneak peaks at what's coming soon, and much more.

On our TikTok account, we post differing content to what is seen on our Instagram profile. Here, we mainly post content consisting of in-depth reviews of particularly special pairs of match worn boots, delving into all of the details and points which make them unique pieces for any collection, and would never usually ever be seen by anyone but the players & manufacturers themselves.

A message from our founder...

"I am Billy Childs, founder of BC Boots UK. The company started from my deep-lying passion for football, but in particular, football boots. As a young teenager I collected football boots for a hobby using any pocket money I could earn, however upon close inspection I noticed that the top pro's were wearing different versions of the boots I could buy. From then, I began to source the custom boots worn by the elite level players for my own collection."

"As my personal collection grew, so did my love and passion for the hobby, and from there, in 2021, I formed BC Boots UK."

"My mission for the company is to provide the best platform to acquire genuine match worn boots for fellow collectors all around the world."

Our promise to you...

1. Authenticity is guaranteed
All items we showcase here on our website are 100% genuine and authentic. We ensure this through rigorous forms of testing by our in house team of experts who have a wide range of knowledge built up through several years of experience within the football memorabilia collector field. Once each item has passed our rigorous checks, it is stamped with out COA (certificate of authenticity), providing a lifetime warranty for the authenticity of the piece which is transferrable from owner to owner. See our authentication page for more details.

2. Condition is exactly as described
We would never sell something we would not be happy receiving ourselves. We ensure that each item is accurately described with regards to its condition, the unique points and when the item was worn by/issued to the named player.

3. Money back guarantee
We provide a 14 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee with every purchase - the period of which is active from the date of receipt.