About us

Welcome to BC Boots UK!

We are not a regular football boot store. We specialise in boots that have been specially made for and worn by the world’s elite professional players - these unique boots are impossible to find in a regular boot store!

With every item here, there are a number of differences which set them apart from versions that are sold commercially in retail stores, which makes them truly unique and extremely one-off pieces of footballing memorabilia.

What we see the top pros advertising is not always what they are actually wearing on the pitch. A vast number of the worlds elite get their boots bespoke made to measure to their exact specifications, our goal is to give an closeup insight into the reality of what the best players really wear when they compete in the best leagues/competitions in world football, and the opportunity to own a pair for yourself.

Having many different contacts all over the world, we are able to get our hands on some of the rarest and simply unseen before boots - which makes us a unique football memorabilia store. Every pair we get are a one-off, so unfortunately once they're gone... They're gone!

As well as boots, we are also able to source match and training kit from the world's top players. 

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