How do you know the boots are 100% authentic and genuine? 

Well, all boots come from impeccable sources within some of the biggest clubs around Europe. We specialise in English Premier League players boots as we are based in the UK however we have access to other top clubs which enables us to get our hands on pairs from players in clubs such as Real Madrid & Barcelona.
There are many different ways to tell apart a player issued / match worn pair to a general retail pair you’ll find in a commercial store. These can be name personalisation, as well as custom sizing, soleplates, materials, innersoles among other tells. 
Player Issue boots tend to be made in different countries to commercial shop versions - however this is not the case 100% of the time.


Nike players boots should be made in Italy or Bosnia. Since 1996, they have had an "athlete service" factory located in Montebelluna Italy where they hand make their elite contracted players' boots such as CR7, Neymar and Iniesta, to their exact specifications and requirements - usually there will be no size label if the boots are made here due to them being completely bespoke. However, if there is a size label it should have the serial code "999999999" located at the bottom left corner of the tag. This is the same with Nike players' boots when made in Bosnia, which is where they make other pros boots. The row of 9's serial code means the boots are for promotional use only, as they are different to what they sell to the public, so will not be able to be sold in a general store. Sort of like a "sample". The pairs Nike sell to the public are usually of lower quality than what the pros receive, with them normally being made in Vietnam/China as they are mass produced.


Adidas have their "athlete service factory" in Herzogenaurach Germany for players who require special customisations. However it is also common for Adidas athletes to receive retail model boots if they do not require modifications, however these will always be personalised to their request with things such as their name, nation flag, children's names or squad number which is not available to the public. Often Adidas supply certain models to the pros which are not available to the public, for example when they re-released the Predator silo, it was available to pros in leather and synthetic, whilst only commercially available in synthetic.


With Puma, the players' boots are made usually in Vietnam to their exact specifications. The size label should read "SAMPLE" or "ATHLETE EXCLUSIVE". The overall gap in quality between player pairs and commercial pairs with Puma is much smaller than that of Nike and Adidas. Some players such as Aguero like to modify their soleplates and upper materials. 

Under Armour

Under Armour don't have anywhere near as many sponsored athletes as the likes of Nike, Adidas or Puma however they still provide bespoke boots to their best players. The pairs they supply to players are very close to the retail versions however they add personal touches such as name ID, nation flags and squad numbers. Certain players such as Memphis Depay have been seen to modify boots slightly, such as having a traditional lacing system on pairs which are sold to the public with a zip up system.

All boots sold here at BC Boots UK are 100% authentic, genuine, and one of a kind